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Dental Issues Women can Experience as they Age



Oral health goes way beyond having amazing white teeth and no cavities. Daily brushing and flossing although very important are not the only determination as to how well your teeth maintain over time. Sometimes, during various cycles in your life, especially for women, a little more work in needed.  Regular dental appointments play an important part in keeping your teeth and gums in good repair.  Your dentist can identify issues going on with your teeth or gums that may go unnoticed by you without their help.

For women specifically, oral health care needs to change at specific time during her lifespan. This is because, pregnancy, oral contraceptives, menopause, menstruation as well as other factors contribute to the change in hormones in a women’s body.  The female sex hormones at various states in a women’s life effects how her mouth responds to plaque. Without extra attention to brushing, flossing and dental cleanings during these fluctuations, plaque will build causing cavities and gum disease.

Did you know 1 out of every 4 women between the ages of 30-54 have been reported with periodontitis?  In addition, 1 out of every 2 women between the ages 55-90 are reported with periodontitis.  This number can dramatically decrease with help from your dentist.  Your dentist is aware of these fluctuations in your body chemistry and can advise you the best ways to compensate when your oral health is negatively responding to your body’s chemistry.

Why see your dentist during hormonal changes?

  • Menstruation– some women find their gums swell and bleed
  • Pregnancy– makes your mouth more susceptible to gingivitis
  • Using Oral Contraceptive– possible hormonal gingivitis
  • Menopause– hormonal changes can lead to periodontitis
  • Osteoporosis– Can lead to tooth loss


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Single Men are Looking for Women with Nice Teeth

It’s always on Valentine’s Day when single men and women put the focus on their love life.  Why am I single? Will it just be me and my dog for the rest of my life?  How will I find the perfect mate? Match.com might have some answers for you!

dog on valentines day

The online dating site, conducted a three-year study of over 5,000 single men and women and came up with a list of the top 10 things men judge women on. The least surprising news? Over half of the list was appearance-based. It makes sense — women have seemed to adjust their getting-ready times accordingly, devoting 136 full days of their lives primping and preening for a night out, according to another 2008 survey.

OK, now are you ready for the surprising news? Match.com found that the most important thing for men is a woman’s teeth, which took the top slot with 58 percent of votes. And all those years you thought your dentist was just being naggy about the whole flossing thing…

Just after teeth, guys are concerned with a lady’s hair (51 percent) and clothes (45 percent).

Moral of the story: Forget pricey hair salons and uncomfortable high heels and focus on smiling. Most importantly, make an appointment with your dentist!

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