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Straight Teeth have Health Benefits

straight teeth


Most people think straightening their teeth is strictly for appearance purposes. Very few people know of the health benefits associated with a straight healthy smile.  The office of Dr. David M. Glasscock Family and Cosmetic Dentistry would like to give you some reasons to think about why you should consider straightening your teeth.


Crowded teeth or having teeth too widely spaced can cause swollen, red gums. When your teeth are properly aligned, it helps your gums fit more securely around your teeth.  Properly aligned teeth are easier to clean well.  When teeth are moved forward or back, it is easier to miss areas when trying to maintain your daily oral care. Missed areas on tooth surfaces can lead to bacteria and plaque build up which will ultimately lead to tooth decay and cavities.

Protruding Teeth

Teeth that are protruding are more likely to be broken in some sort of accident.  Teeth that protrude are also more likely to cause injury to a lip or the inside of your mouth do to an accidental bumping.

Problems with Teeth

Teeth that are not aligned properly show signs of abnormal wear more frequently. It also can cause problems with chewing, excessive stress on gum tissue and your bones that support your teeth.  Misalignment of your jaw joint can lead to frequent headaches , jaw pain, and neck pain.

Overall Health

They say that your mouth is the window to your bodies health.  Properly aligned teeth and jaw may alleviate physical health issues.

The office of Dr. David M. Glasscock offers Clear Correct as an alternative to metal braces.  If you are looking to make a healthier better you, give us a call to set up an appointment to see what Clear Correct can do for you.

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What are the benefits of getting Braces?

braces with headgear

Let’s face it.  We all want to look our best and braces have come a long way from the 80’s headgear that traumatized many American teens.  It is a proven fact that people with crooked, deformed or damaged teeth smile much less than someone with perfect pearly whites.

clear braces

Revolutionary new clear braces, like Clear Correct, are a new and improved way to give you that perfect smile without the trauma of the past. What most people are unaware of is the overall benefits that braces provide beyond your obvious physical appearance.

Benefits of Braces

  • Better Brushing- properly aligned teeth are easier to brush and floss
  • Clear Speech-  Teeth in the wrong position can make it difficult to pronounce certain sounds.
  • Easier Time Eating-properly aligned teeth have a better bite pattern and make it easier to chew and bite down of foods.  Also, straight teeth won’t wear as quickly.
  • Less Accident Prone Teeth-  If your teeth are crooked, and sit outside your bite pattern, the likelihood of you damaging a tooth or cutting your mouth or lips increases.
  • Fewer Headaches- Crowded teeth wear unevenly.  Uneven wear of your teeth puts pressure on your jaw and can cause you to have many headaches.
  • Improved Gum Health-  Straight teeth are more effectively brushed and flossed.  Well maintained dental care will help you to maintain healthy gums.
  • Better Overall Health- Your oral care directly impacts your physical health. Straight teeth makes proper oral hygiene most effective.
  • Cost Effective Dental Care- You have fewer major dental issues with straight teeth.  The smaller the issue, the less the cost.
  • Lower Risk of Soft Tissue Injury- crooked teeth can damage the inside of your mouth or lips.  This could lead to infection.
  • Self Esteem-  A person with an award winning smile is proven to smile more often then someone that does not.  Happy smiling people are more inviting.

If you want more information on Clear Correct clear braces, please feel free to give the office of Dr. David M. Glasscock a call.  We care about your oral health and want to see you smile.