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Glasscock Dental Announcement

we will miss you


SUBJECT: Resignation of Lisa (Hygienist)

It is with regret that I announce the resignation of Lisa our hygienist, effective February 6, 2015—. Since Lisa joined our staff 4 1/2 years ago—, she has proven to be an intricate part of the Glasscock Dental Team. She will be greatly missed by all of us at Team Glasscock and all the patients she has had the honor to take care of over her time here.

It is with warmest personal regards that we wish Lisa success as she assumes a new position closer to her home.


History of Clear Braces

Clear Correct

History of Clear Braces

Invisible braces (or clear braces) were first invented in 1987.   This invention was the first of its kind and a revolutionary product to traditional metal braces.  As this was the first version, the original invisible braces were expensive, cumbersome and much less precise to the products we have today.

As with any new  great idea, competitors began to emerge to try and improve upon the original concept.   In 1997, two MBA students at Stanford University, Zia Chisti and Kelsey Wirth , with the help of high tech computer imaging,  perfected the procedure needed to make invisible braces effective.  This was the birth of Invisalign.  In late 2006, out of necessity and high cost of clear brace aligners, owner and founder Dr. Willis Pumphrey, a 25 year veteran of dentistry, opened up Clear Correct.  Clear Correct, unlike it competitors, manufactures their clear brace aligners here in the states.

Why we Choose Clear Correct

The office of Glasscock Dental offers the Clear Correct system.  After careful consideration and evaluation, we find Clear Correct and its competitor Invisalign to be very similar in their end result for our patients.  They are both very good teeth straightening systems.  Both products are made of a clear plastic that is comfortable to wear.  The aligners are computer generated with both programs for the patients dental plan.  Where we find differences and favor Clear Correct as our choice to offer our patients  is in cost.  Overall, the Clear Correct system tends to be a more affordable option for our patients.  Also, the Clear Correct aligners are made here in the USA.