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Thank you so much for such kind words!

Every now and then, we receive something from one of our patients that no words could describe how grateful we are for the patients we service.  We received the below testimonial in from one of our patents a short time ago.  We wanted to share their beautiful words with all our staff and friends. Thank you so much Jessica!  It is because of people like you that makes us want to do all we can to make a person’s dental experience a positive one.

I guess I can start off by saying- nobody likes the dentist, however; if you want your mind changed I can personally guarantee that you will have the best unforgettable experience with Dr. Glasscock, and his superb office team. I recently had a traumatizing experience that didn’t end well with my previous dentist. I went in for one filling on a chipped tooth, and ended up with two teeth that were severely damaged due to an exposed nerve from an improper filling.  As a result I ended up needing two root canals from an endodontist ( someone who specializes in root canals), and was then recommend to see Dr. Glasscock for two crowns as the remainder of the treatment. To be honest I was petrified to see another dentist since I received a “botch job” from the last. As soon as I walked through the door to Dr. Glasscock’s office, I could tell this was going to be different.  Dr. Glasscock’s motto “One patient at a time on time,” is truly an accurate statement. Also, his office team greeted me with a warm welcome, as if I had been going there for years! The office atmosphere is very relaxing and comfortable. Dr. Glasscock is nice guy and truly has the best interest for his patients; he is very laid back, and has a great bedside manner.  One convenient thing with Dr. Glasscock is if you happen to need a crown he can do it in just one office visit, so you don’t have to worry about getting a temporary crown, Just one visit and your done!! How cool is that!?.  I would also like to take the time to recognize Julie, the main face of Dr. Glasscock’s office. Only one word to describe her- Awesome!! I know she has more than one duty in office, and stays constantly busy, but she still makes the time to check on Dr. Glasscock’s patients and make sure they are comfortable, happy, and have everything they need! I’m truly glad I was recommended to see Dr. Glasscock. I would highly recommend him to ANYONE! One thing is for sure I will now be a lifelong patient to his office! Thank you guys so much for everything! YOU ROCK!! J

Jessica White