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Areas Prone to Dental Cavities

Tooth decay and dental cavities are among the most common health problems in adults. Not only can dental cavities be a significant cause of pain and discomfort, they can lead to deteriorating oral health over time. It’s important to recognize the signs and symptoms of tooth decay and dental cavities, and to be aware of which areas of your mouth are most prone to dental cavities. This can help you work harder to prevent dental cavities and keep your mouth in good health.


Hot Spots for Dental Cavities

While you can get dental cavities in virtually any tooth, there are  certain areas of your mouth that are most likely to be afflicted by tooth decay and dental cavities. Familiarizing yourself with these areas can help in  the prevention  of dental cavities. Here are a few things to consider as you work to maintain the best oral health and prevent dental cavities.

  • Watch Your Back Teeth: Your molars and premolars, located in the back of your mouth, have a lot of grooves, nooks, and crannies that can collect food particles that lead to plaque, tooth decay, and dental cavities. They are also harder to reach with your toothbrush, so make an extra effort to brush these areas carefully.
  • Look Out for Receding Gums: When your gums pull away from your teeth, plaque has easier access to their roots. If your gums are receding in any area of your mouth, those areas can be prone to dental cavities. Flossing regularly and brushing with an antiplaque/gingivitis toothpaste can help prevent gum disease and dental cavities.
  • Check Your Dental Fillings, Caps, and Crowns: Try to take regular inventory of your dental work to be sure everything remains in its proper place and is undamaged. Your dentist should do this during your regular visits, but you should also keep a close watch, as these areas can be prone to dental cavities if they aren’t maintained. When a filling gets weak, plaque can build up more easily and cause tooth decay. (1)

Want to Reduce Your Chances for Dental Cavities? Make Oral Hygiene a Habit

Work to prevent dental cavities—keep a close watch on these areas and maintain a regular routine of brushing, flossing, and rinsing. Make your dental hygiene routine a habit. Have your spouse, children, or roommates remind one another to follow the routine daily, and make it a priority to take better care of your teeth and mouth to prevent dental cavities.

See a Professional Regularly

Make appointments to see a dental professional twice a year for routine cleanings and dental exams. The professional cleaning will take care of plaque build-up that you can’t remove at home, and the professional exam will help identify problem spots and early signs of weak spots in the enamel before they escalate into significant issues. Weak spots that go undetected or untreated for too long can lead to more tooth decay resulting a dental cavity, infection, and other complications.


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