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The Truth about Sugar and your Teeth

Let’s be honest.  Who doesn’t love Sugar?  I can’t name a person alive who can say they don’t “love it” in one form or another.  It’s in almost everything we eat or drink.   The question is how do we limit it for our good health and to protect our teeth?     Your afternoon peanut butter and jelly washed down with a can of soda is attacking your teeth!   Sugar attacks the enamel on your teeth while you’re eating and the minutes following.   I’m sure it was filling, taste great and you are no longer hungry but that peanut butter and jelly sandwich had approx. 30 grams of sugar.  The soda had an additional 65 grams of sugar.

How do you limit the effects of such?  Glasscock dental recommends you brush your teeth after every meal.  I realize this isn’t the first thing you’re thinking of.  I also realize it can be pretty inconvenient at time.  We all have busy schedules and I can see why brushing wouldn’t make it to the top of the priority list.  But let’s put it into perspective.  1 can of soda and that peanut butter and jelly sandwich contained approximately 95 grams of sugar.   As an estimate, every 5 grams of sugar equals one teaspoon of sugar (or 1 sugar cube.  Your lunch time meal had the approximate value of 18 ½ teaspoons of sugar attacking the teeth inside your mouth.

Glasscock Dental does not want to give you the impression that brushing is enough.  It is however a good start.  We at Glasscock Dental recommend you visit the dentist twice a year for regular cleanings and once a year for an oral exam.  Plaque builds up no matter how well you brush and it will need to be removed by a hygienist.  Your dentist, while providing your yearly oral exam, can identify any oral problems and treat them.  Remember, Good oral health is the key to maintaining a winning smile and keeping your mouth and body healthy.

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