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Straight Teeth have Health Benefits

straight teeth


Most people think straightening their teeth is strictly for appearance purposes. Very few people know of the health benefits associated with a straight healthy smile.  The office of Dr. David M. Glasscock Family and Cosmetic Dentistry would like to give you some reasons to think about why you should consider straightening your teeth.


Crowded teeth or having teeth too widely spaced can cause swollen, red gums. When your teeth are properly aligned, it helps your gums fit more securely around your teeth.  Properly aligned teeth are easier to clean well.  When teeth are moved forward or back, it is easier to miss areas when trying to maintain your daily oral care. Missed areas on tooth surfaces can lead to bacteria and plaque build up which will ultimately lead to tooth decay and cavities.

Protruding Teeth

Teeth that are protruding are more likely to be broken in some sort of accident.  Teeth that protrude are also more likely to cause injury to a lip or the inside of your mouth do to an accidental bumping.

Problems with Teeth

Teeth that are not aligned properly show signs of abnormal wear more frequently. It also can cause problems with chewing, excessive stress on gum tissue and your bones that support your teeth.  Misalignment of your jaw joint can lead to frequent headaches , jaw pain, and neck pain.

Overall Health

They say that your mouth is the window to your bodies health.  Properly aligned teeth and jaw may alleviate physical health issues.

The office of Dr. David M. Glasscock offers Clear Correct as an alternative to metal braces.  If you are looking to make a healthier better you, give us a call to set up an appointment to see what Clear Correct can do for you.

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Teeth Whitening Might have Oral Care Advantages

teeth whitening-David M. Glasscock Family & Cosmetic Dentistry

We have come a long way from seeking consult with the local barber shop for our dentistry needs.  Living in this century gives us the advantages that science has afforded us.  We are now given the knowledge and tools to keep our gums and teeth healthy.  Even with extreme dental problems, your dentist has the ability and tools to correct the issue and give you the smile you always wanted.

Teeth Whitening, although considered cosmetic, might provide additional attributes then what was previously thought.  A report released from the journal of the American Dental Association in August 2010,  noted that applying the tooth whitener carbamide peroxide through a custom-fit mouth tray might combat plaque, cavities and gum disease. These studies were based on patients that were mentally challenged and the elderly who have issues with dexterity.  Do to this groups limitations, it adds difficulty for them to properly brush and floss to maintain good dental health. “What we’ve noticed through whitening patients’ teeth over the years is that as they bleached, their teeth got squeaky clean and their gingival health improved,” said Dr. Van Haywood, professor in the Medical College of Georgia School of Dentistry.  Dr. Haywood believes the trick is in the custom fitted tray for each individual patient.  Unfortunately, further research will be needed to apply this procedure as a technique to improve ones oral health.

Teeth Whitening has other advantages as well.  As they say, it’s all in the presentation.

  • Improves your overall appearance
  • Makes you look younger
  • People will consider you healthier
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Snoring Creates Problems for Married Couples

MAD Device-Dr. David Glasscock-Cure Snoring

I am by no means a marriage counselor.  However, as a dentist, I encounter many desperate spouses suffering from sleep deprivation caused by a snoring spouse. When the non-snoring spouse realizes I might be able to provide a cure for snoring by using a MAD Device (similar to a mouth guard), they immediately want to sign their significant other up for the solution to the problem .

Snoring, unfortunately, can put a lot of unnecessary strain on a marriage. People who are affected by lack of sleep display symptoms of  poor mood, irritability, low energy, decreased libido, and poor judgment.   Without a far stretch of the imagination, these symptoms can create havoc on any relationship.  This is only the short list of sleep deprivation symptoms. There are many other areas lack of sleep can affect you physically.   With that being said, getting a good nights sleep is important for your overall health and well being.

Now let’s not forget the person doing the snoring.  Most people with a snoring issues weren’t even aware this problem existed until receiving the complaint from their bed partner.  For them, it feels out of their control as they can’t consciously control the issue. Ironically, it isn’t just the non-snoring spouse that is affected by poor sleep.  The snoring spouse is also suffering from sleep deprivation and chances are over a much longer period of time.  You need to understand that snoring is a condition of sleep apnea, sinusitis or nasal obstruction.  All are treatable.

Why do we Snore?

Typically, snoring is caused by the relaxing of the muscles and soft tissues in the throat and mouth, making the airway passage smaller. The decrease in space through the airway makes it harder for each breath to get through, and when it does get through the airway passage, it moves over the soft tissues in the mouth and throat, causing a vibration that results in the snoring sound.  There are other causes but this is the most common.

How a MAD Device can Stop the Snoring?

It’s the simplest and most non-invasive cure to treat snoring.  MAD devices (similar to a mouth guard) help shift the position of the jaw and reduce the vibration of the tissue that causes snoring. Each MAD device is made specifically for the person wearing it to provide comfort and optimal benefit for the user.


Sensitive Teeth can Affect your Diet and Oral Health

sensitive teeth

According to the National Institutes of Health, as many as one in eight people have sensitive teeth.  Sensitive teeth can cause pain while drinking, eating, brushing or flossing.  Hot and cold, sweet and sour beverages or foods may cause sharp and sudden pain in the teeth.

Tooth pain can cause a person to avoid oral hygiene as well as drinking and eating which is needed to maintain a healthy body.  Scheduling appointments with your dentist and maintaining good oral health practices is the only way to tackle the sensitive tooth problems.

What Causes Sensitive Teeth?

Sensitive teeth or dentin hypersensitivity, is caused when the dentin (the underlying layer of your teeth) becomes exposed do to receding gum tissue.  The roots, which are not covered by hard enamel, contain thousands of tiny tubules leading to the tooth’s pulp. These dentinal tubules when exposed allow for pain to be felt with hot, cold, sweet or sour foods and liquids.

What can you do to reduce tooth Sensitivity?

  • Maintain good oral hygiene- Taking care of your teeth at home can help you maintain your dental health and prevent periodontal, or gum, disease from developing.
  • Use a soft bristled toothbrush– It is recommended to use a soft bristle tooth, especially with sensitive teeth.  A soft bristle tooth brush will help prevent eroding your gums because of brushing to hard.
  • Use desensitizing toothpaste. Desensitizing toothpastes contain ingredients such as strontium chloride and potassium nitrate that help block the transmission of pain signals from the surface of your tooth to the nerve inside. In a nut shell, they block up the areas where the dentin in your tooth is exposed.
  • Watch what you eat. Foods that are high in acid can erode the enamel of your teeth and expose the dentin.  Also, food or drink that aggravate your teeth can cause swelling and aggravate the condition.
  • Use fluoridated dental products. Fluoride Toothpaste and Mouthwashes prevent cavities. Fluoride accumulates in the demineralized areas and begins strengthening the enamel, a process called remineralization.
  • Avoid teeth grinding. Teeth grinding  can cause your teeth to wear, damage or be sensitive.A mouth guard is a great way to stop teeth grinding.
  • See your dentist at regular intervals. Call the office of Dr. David M Glasscock to schedule regular dental check ups, teeth cleaning and dental treatments regularly.
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Support THE Cause-Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure

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Meet team Glasscock Dental!  The office of Dr. David M Glasscock DDS is dedicated to raising money for breast cancer.  We will be walking on October 5th. We ask all our patients and friends to join us in this fight.  We all know someone who has been affected by this horrible disease.  It has especially hit home with family and friends of the Glasscock team.  Help us in this fight to eliminate breast cancer.

Komen Charlotte Race for the Cure®

October 5, 2013
Marshall Park

Total registered so far:  5,511

breast cancer

What to watch for:

  • Lump, hard knot or thickening
  • Swelling, warmth, redness or darkening
  • Change in size or shape of the breast
  • Dimpling or puckering of the skin
  • Itchy, scaly sore or rash on the nipple
  • Pulling in of your nipple or other parts of the breast
  • Nipple discharge that starts suddenly
  • New pain in one spot that does not go away

Early Detection

Getting screened regularly is the best way for women to lower their risk of dying from breast cancer. Screening tests can find breast cancer early, when it’s most treatable. Five-year relative survival rates for early stage cancers are up to 99% in the US, versus 74% when Komen started.

source: http://www.komencharlotte.org/understanding-breast-cancer/about-breast-cancer/

It’s Like Pulling Teeth! -Tooth Extraction

pulling teeth

We have all heard the old idiom “It’s like pulling teeth”.  Interesting choice of words as the meaning is meant to portray something difficult that someone does not want to do.  The meaning, usually unrelated to tooth extraction, still coincides with how people still feel today about having a tooth pulled.

Dentistry has come a long way from 7000 BC where bow drills were used for wood working and treating tooth problems or in the Middle Ages when your barber would perform a tooth extraction . Ouch!!

Currently, dentistry in 2013 provides the patient with a “Stress Free” and painless experience.  We at, Glasscock Dental, understand dental fear and will do everything we can to alleviate any stress, anxiety and pain associated with your extraction.

Extractions are done for a variety of reasons.

  •  Very large cavity or caries that cannot be restored.
  •  Periodontal diseases.
  •  Fractured or broken teeth.
  •  Teeth that are traumatized.
  •  Teeth that fail to erupt or are unable to erupt.
  • Abscessed teeth that have infection that has spread.
  • Teeth that are abnormal in development.
  • Teeth that are involved in cysts or tumors.
  • Ectopic teeth that have erupted in a wrong place.
  • The orthodontist requesting removal of the teeth.

If you need an extraction, Dr. David M Glasscock will first numb the area to lessen any discomfort.  After the extraction, Dr. David M. Glasscock will discuss with you what post extraction regimen he would like you to follow. In most cases a small amount of bleeding is normal.

Call the office of David M Glasscock DDS for all your dental needs.  Located in beautiful Charlotte, NC.

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The Common Cold and Your Toothbrush


As time has passed, people have become better informed on the prevention and contraction of viruses and bacteria.  Hygiene, hand washing, proper sleep and healthy eating are essential to ensure a healthy body and best defense against viruses and bacteria that can attack your body.

The “Common Cold”, as its name implies, is the most common virus to infect the  human body.   Children infected by this virus usually become sicker than most adults and are more prone to develop a complication, such as an ear infection.

Common Symptoms of the “Common Cold”

  • Runny or stuffy nose
  • Itchy or sore throat
  • Cough
  • Congestion
  • Slight body aches or a mild headache
  • Sneezing
  • Watery eyes
  • Low-grade fever
  • Mild fatigue

What do you do about your toothbrush after being sick?   This has been a long debated question.  It is said, that after contracting the “Common Cold” your body builds up antibodies to fight the virus and lower your chances of re-infection.   Other’s debate that your mouth has the most bacteria in your whole body.  The virus lives on your toothbrush and could possibly re-infect you and anyone who might come in contact with your toothbrush incidentally by sharing toothbrush holders, etc.  Bacteria however, like strep throat, will re-infect you and your toothbrush should be thrown away and replaced after you get better.

So what is the right answer to the toothbrush dilemma? Well, that is up to you.  The office of Dr. David M. Glasscock, DDS believes to err on the side of caution and recommends the toothbrush be replaced after recouping from any virus or bacteria.  As quoted by the infamous Benjamin Franklin, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

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