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Crystal Meth can Destroy your Teeth in a Year

Methamphetamine- Dr. Glasscock


Methamphetamine is a  synthetic drug with more rapid and lasting effects than amphetamine. It is used illegally as a stimulant and as a prescription drug to treat narcolepsy and maintain blood pressure.

The use and production of methamphetamine is becoming a huge problem in the U.S. This drug is illegal and highly addictive.  Common names for the drug are ice, meth, speed, crank, quartz, crystal and poor man’s cocaine. Using methamphetamine can cause major health issues as well as serious problems to your mouth and teeth.

The “high” from meth last for about 12 hours.  During that time, your body’s salivary glands diminish causing a dry- mouth feeling.  This state is commonly referred to as “meth mouth”.  Without the aided production from your salivary glands, the acids on your teeth will destroy the tooth enamel which in turn leads to tooth decay.  It is also reported by users, while using meth, it is common to consume high calorie carbonated drinks and foods and tooth grinding and clenching occurs.  This in turn compounds the problems.

A meth user will see serious affects related to their teeth in a short period of time. The ADA stated users can go from having a sparkling smile to one of decay and tooth loss in about a year. 

So what can your dentist do?  Without the user discontinuing the use of the drug, the damage will continue to diminish a person’s teeth.  The damage can not be addressed until that first step is taken. You need the production of your salivary glands to stop the damage and while using, that would be impossible.

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Layaway at the Dentist?

layaway at the dentist

Why going to the dentist is important

With the advancement of modern medicine, it has been proven that your dental health affects your physical health.  With that being said, a regular visit to your dentist is needed to ensure you remain in the best physical health.

Dental Care- The neglected part of health care.

People tend to neglect their dental needs.  Many people believe that their dental health is optional but in truth it is not.  Tooth decay is the single most common and preventable disease afflicting most Americans. Having a tooth ache or cavity is as common as the common cold.  Left untreated, your dental problems will become more extensive as well as more expensive to correct.

Age Group Average Number of Decayed Missing or Filled Teeth Per Person Percent of Decayed Missing or Filled Teeth Per 100 teeth est Percent of Age Group Affected by Tooth Decay
2-5 1.01 5.05% 27.90%
6-11 0.42 1.75% 49%
12’15 1.75 6.25% 49.60%
16’19 3.25 11.60% 67.90%
20-39 7.07 25.25% 86.70%
40-59 12.85 45.89% 95.10%
60+ 17.46 62.36% 93.10%

What is Dental Layaway?

Just like healthcare, dental care can be intrusively expensive for families.   The office of David M. Glasscock DDS Family and Cosmetic Dentistry has a solution!  We provide pre-payment options or Dental Layaway. We can set up an account for you to use when ever needed.  Almost like a prepaid credit card.  Regardless if you add $20 per month or $10 per week, dental layaway is the solution to the unexpected dental expenses that seem to pop up now and then.  For more information call the office of David M. Glasscock . Ph#  704-510-1150