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Good News for Chocolate Lovers!

power of chocolate
Know that guilty feeling that creeps in every time you bite into a piece of chocolate? Turns out it’s all for naught. (Well, mostly.) Recent studies show that chocolate is actually good for your teeth – and your overall health.
It turns out that chocolate contains powerful antioxidants called polyphenols and flavanols. Polyphenols prevent bacteria from turning the sugar and starches contained in chocolate into acids that cause decay. They can help reduce the chances of hypertension and stroke and may even help protect the heart. Dark chocolate is particularly high in flavanols – and has more antioxidant power than green tea.
The cocoa butter contained in chocolate also packs a healthy punch. When you eat a piece of chocolate, the cocoa butter in it coats your teeth, preventing plaque from sticking to your teeth. And what about the “butter” part of cocoa butter – should you worry about fat? Nope. This kind does not raise cholesterol.
Now for the Bad News
Chocolate is high in calories; one 1-ounce piece of dark chocolate can contain 150 calories or more. So if you’re watching your waistline, you’ll have to control yourself. Plus, to benefit from chocolate’s goodness, all you have to do is eat three 1-ounce pieces of it a week.

Chocolate Toothpaste for The Ultimate Sweet Tooth


A substance found in chocolate could actually improve the condition of your teeth, according to groundbreaking scientific research.

A toothpaste called Theodent has recently gone on the market which promises to strengthen the enamel on teeth using a natural extract from the cocoa bean, a key ingredient in chocolate.

Tasty: Theodent promises to strengthen the enamel on teeth using an extract from cocoa

The substance called theobromine, was found to strengthen teeth and regenerate enamel by Doctor Tetsu Nakamoto in the 1980s at his laboratory in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Following years of clinical trials, the research scientist was awarded a patent for his trademark ingredient Rennou.

The team behind Theodent say that their product is non-toxic compared to fluoride which is used in the majority of toothpaste brands.

Fluoride helps to prevent gum and tooth disease along with cavities and promotes dental enamel forming. However fluoride can be toxic if swallowed in large amounts.

Dr Arman Sadeghpour, Dr Nakamoto’s business partner, told Wbrz: ‘Theodent is a fluoride free toothpaste. Rennou, our active ingredient works better to re-mineralize the surface of human teeth.’

Theodent, which comes in mint flavor for adults and chocolate for children, is on sale at Whole Foods or at the company’s website for around $10 a tube.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk

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