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5 Good Reasons for Cleaning your Tongue

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Cleaning your tongue is an important part of maintaining healthy teeth and gums.  I know it’s probably not on the top of your priority list but there are some compelling reasons to add it into your daily routine.

5 Good Reasons for Cleaning your Tongue with a Tongue Scraper

1.  Bad Breath– Clinical Studies have proven that tongue scraping helps remove bacteria from the back of the tongue typically missed by a toothbrush.  This bacteria is what contributes to bad breath.

2. You want to be healthy– Your tongue is your bodies first line of defense.  By scraping bacteria and toxins off the tongue, you prohibit them from re-entering into the body.

3. Food can taste better!– The toxins and bacteria on your tongue can block your taste buds making foods not taste as  good as you suspected.  Removing the toxins and bacteria can enhance your sense of taste and aid in digestion.

4. Preventing Cavities – Bacteria on your tongue, if not removed, will eventually end  up on your teeth.  Bacteria attaching itself to the enamel on your teeth is how cavities begin.

5. Improving your Digestion– Your tongue, taste and saliva is where digestion begins.  Chewing your food properly is the first step in good digestion and also contributes to the first stage of fat digestion.  Fat Digestion occurs in the mouth with the secretion of the enzyme lingual lipase by glands located at the root of the tongue.


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To all our wonderful Patients:

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