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Why you Need to Brush your Teeth Before Bed

brushing teeth before bed

Brushing your teeth before bed might sound like an insignificant choir to worry about but it can have a significant impact on your oral health.  Recently, a survey conducted by the British Dental Health Foundation found that many people skip brushing their teeth before bed. The poll’s results showed that 47 percent of respondents regularly skip this nighttime ritual, Medical News Today reported. That is almost 1 out of every 2 people not brushing!

teeth bacteria

Why Brushing Before Bed Time is Essential

Your mouth is a breading ground for bacteria.  Bacteria accumulates on your teeth, gums and tongue.  As a matter of fact, you have more bacteria in your mouth than cells in your body. The bacteria in our mouths need food to live and multiply. So when we eat foods (especially sugary foods), or even starchy foods like pasta or breads, the bacteria use them as their food. The bacteria then produce acids that can dissolve tooth enamel.   When left over night, more extensive damage can be done to your gums and teeth based on the amount of time the bacteria is given to grow. Proper brushing(teeth, gums and tongue) and flossing, help to eliminate excess bacteria from your mouth.

Our advice to you? Brush your teeth before bed!  You can save yourself a toothache and a good chance of gingivitis in your future.  It’s only takes 2 minutes before bed which can save you lot’s of money and time to fix later down the line.

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