Why Women Over 50 Need More Visits to the Dentist

Research suggests that postmenopausal women need four annual dentist visits to avoid gum infections and other dental problems.

Maintaining healthy teeth and preventing dental problems requires more chair time as women age.

You might not think it’s complicated to have healthy teeth—brush, floss and see your dentist twice a year and you’re set, right?  Not so, sadly, at least not for women who’ve passed the half century mark.

Postmenopausal women should see the dentist four times per year to ward off gum infections and other dental problems—that’s the conclusion of researchers at Case Western Reserve University School of Dental Medicine and the Cleveland Clinic, who studied the mouths of women over 50 and found that they had abnormal levels of dental plaque even though they brushed twice daily, flossed and visited the dentist twice a year.

Although it’s not fair, postmenopausal women have more dental problems and tooth loss than men of the same age, even though women have better healthy teeth habits. Less surprising, women are especially prone to gum infections and tooth loss if they’ve smoked (yet another reason to quit).

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