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Our first goal is to understand what Anxiety and Stress are and how it is related to you as an individual? The truth is, Stress and Anxiety are real,  and in a nut shell are caused by your fear that something bad is going to happen. It all starts in the brain, the command center of your body.  With your brain’s fear response triggered, your body goes on full alert reacting to the situation at hand.   Stress and Anxiety can impair the sufferer physically and psychologically.  It can be almost crippling to the individual suffering from this dilemma.

So how does Glasscock Dental  help someone with  Stress and Anxiety issues in relation to a dentist visit?   First, we ask that you let us know about your previous bad experience. We have a highly trained and friendly professional staff to help put your fears at ease. Our number one priority is to always concentrate on “One Patient at a Time”.  With this in mind, we work to create an environment that provides Stress Free Dental. To eliminate Stress and Anxiety, it’s the little things that are important for each patient to put their mind at ease.

What does Glasscock Dental  provide to make your experience Stress Free?

  • 1. Friendly and courteous staff
  • 2. Timely Appointments
  • 3. Explanation of Procedures so you know exactly what to expect
  • 4. Newest Techniques in Dentistry that are more comfortable for the patient.

It is very important to take care of your Oral Health to maintain a healthy body. Many illnesses are related to poor oral hygiene.  Our goal is to make your experience a pleasant one.  We are not the assembly line type of practice.  We want to get to know our patients and be a part of your life to take the best care of you.

Dr. David M Glasscock, Family and Cosmetic Dentistry

  • 8430 University Executive Park Drive, Suite 610
  • Charlotte, NC 28262
  • Ph#704-510-1150

stress  (strs)


a. A mentally or emotionally disruptive or upsetting condition occurring in response to adverse external influences and capable of affecting physical health, usually characterized by increased heart rate, a rise in blood pressure, muscular tension, irritability, and depression.
b. A stimulus or circumstance causing such a condition.
7. A state of extreme difficulty, pressure, or strain: “

anx·i·e·ty  (ng-z-t)

n. pl. anx·i·e·ties


a. A state of uneasiness and apprehension, as about future uncertainties.
b. A cause of anxiety: For some people, air travel is a real anxiety.
2. Psychiatry A state of apprehension, uncertainty, and fear resulting from the anticipation of a realistic or fantasized threatening event or situation, often impairing physical and psychological functioning.
3. Eager, often agitated desire: my anxiety to make a good impression.


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